Dubrovnik 1400 – 1450

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The map presents the state-of-art at the beggening of the project implementation concerning the urban development of the city in the first half of the 15th century. It was made in the Architectural Department of the Institute of Art History under supervision of Danko Zelić.

unmapped documents

deliberations of the city’s councils that are related to the larger areas of Dubrovnik or with no enough information for determining location of buildings.

turres et muri civitatis  /  fossata  /  agenda officialium  /  hospitales  /  iustitiaria

domus et stationes comunis pro salariatis  /  domus dominorum  /  domus pro venientibus

domus ecclesiarum  /  domus pro dotis  /  domus pro nutrimento  /  domus cuiusque 

officiales, magistri et necessaria

electio officialium laboreriorum  /   magistri pro laboreriis  /   de calce, lignaminibus et lapidibus

special strands

de inmundiciis  /  de aquis  /  de cloachis  /  pro saligando et reparando stratas

domus accipiende pro comuni  /  domus destruende  /  domus edificande  /  domus reparande





overview of the complete database of the full transcriptions of the deliberations of Dubrovnik’s Councils


Dubrovnik: Civitas et Acta Consiliorum 1400-1450 e-book

Dubrovnik: Civitas et Acta Consiliorum 1400-1450
Edited by Danko Zelić & Ana Plosnić Škarić
Reviewers: Edda Frankot & Renata Novak Klemenčič
ISBN 978‐953‐7875‐51‐0
Institut za povijest umjetnosti / Institute of Art History
Zagreb 2017.

Download the pdf here: Dubrovnik_Civitas_et_Acta_Consiliorum