ducac project exhibition

is planned to be held in Dubrovnik in September 2017

visual sources

The most relevant for the project research are veduta Dubrovnik before 1667 earthquake, source: http://www.k-r.hr/Dokumenti/dubrovnik.pdf and map Dubrovnik, end of the 16th century (Torino, Achivio di Stato) source: Principe 1991.

veduta_Dubrovnik  Dubrovnik_Torino

IPU photo and architectural drawing selection

Selection from architectural drawings and photographs of the Institute of Art History archives can be found in pdfs IPU_photo_selection and IPU_architectural_drawing_selection.

Du-F-007  Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik 1400-1450 3D schematic model / work-in-progress

Dubrovnik_1400_1450_work-in-progress_2 Dubrovnik_1400_1450_work-in-progress_3