venditiones cancellarie

Matko Matija Marušić is PhD student at ducac project, supervised by Danko Zelić, and investigating Venditiones Cancellarie.

Venditiones Cancellarie is an unpublished archival series from the State Archives in Dubrovnik. The source itself consists of thirteenth books containing proclamations of the real estate sales (houses both inside and outside the city walls, and fields) in the late medieval Dubrovnik and its surroundings. The period these documents cover span through several decades, from the fifth decade of the fourteenth, to the fifth decade of the following century, the last sale being proclaimed in the end of 1454.

The scope of research for the DUCAC project is narrowed down to the books concerning the first half of the fifteenth century. The social and spatial analysis will focus on data from nine sales registry books: No. 5 (1419–1427), No. 6 (1427–1433), No. 7 (1433–1438), No. 8 (1438– 1441), No. 9 (1441–1443), No. 10 (1443–1446), No. 11 (1446–1448), No. 12 (1449–1451), and No. 13 (1451–1454).
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The principal aim of analysis is to provide the database of sellers, buyers, prices, and locations. Data here presented (see below) is only preliminary and will be subjected to changes. Due to the difficulty of mapping of houses, the quotations from the documents concerning the exact location of the property in question are brought in tables with the transcribed text. Divided by sexteria (six citiy’s administrative units), it serves as a starting point of a research for Matko Marušić’s doctoral dissertation.

Saint Blaise – SEXTERIUM

Saint Mary – SEXTERIUM

Saint Nicolas – SEXTERIUM

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